1st May- 7th May 2018 Awful stay then great showground, forest flying and by the ocean

1st May- 7th May 2018 Awful stay then great showground, forest flying and by the ocean

1 May 2018 – after a noisy and uncomfortable night at Blackwater showgrounds (note to self – don’t stay there again) we left early and travelled to Bundoora Dam via Middlemount. The free camp ground at the dam was a beautiful peaceful place and we parked right on the edge of the water on grass. We stayed there for 2 nights enjoying the surroundings and watching the other campers coming and going in their little boats, bringing home loads of red claw.

3 May 2018 – we left Bundoora Dam and went to Finch Hatton showgrounds. This area is in the middle of sugar cane country and we have left behind the dry and dusty inland and are now seeing tropical vegetation, all very green and lush. Finch Hatton is a tiny town west of Mackay and is a great base to explore Eungella National Park and Finch Hatton Gorge. The showgrounds are immaculate and very well looked after by resident caretakers. We went to the local pub for dinner one evening.

We spent one day exploring and were lucky enough to see 3 platypus in the river at Eungella N.P. We also did a hike in Finch Hatton Gorge to Araluen Cascades. On the way back we came across a beautiful little tree snake waiting to cross the walking track. It posed for photos and then slid across the track and into the forest.

A real highlight of our stay was going Forest Flying in Finch Hatton Gorge. This involves sliding along a cable strung high in the trees (up to 25 M high in places). Being in the tree canopy is amazing, especially as there are hundreds of black headed flying foxes roosting in the trees. As you glide by they make a heck of a racket and flap away in fear.

7 May 2018 – we left Finch Hatton and went to Halliday Bay on the coast, to a golf resort & RV Park. We are overlooking the bay and surrounded by coconut palms and tropical seaside vegetation. This is the first glimpse of the ocean for this trip and is very welcome. Tomorrow we plan to hike up the nearby hill to a lookout and drive to nearby Seaforth.