8th to 16th May 2018 – continuing to Cairns and enjoying some lovely camps along the way

8th to 16th May 2018 – continuing to Cairns and enjoying some lovely camps along the way

8 May 2018 – We hiked up to the lookout at Halliday Bay. It was quite steep and once at the top we had to climb up a big rock to see the view, and it was well worth the effort. When we returned to the van another van came in and parked next to us. We met the new arrivals and found out they had just contracted to buy the house across the road from us at RV Homebase. What a small world that we should meet our new neighbours in a small seaside village a long way from home.

9 May 2018 – We drove to Home Hill and stayed the night in the showgrounds, which are very well looked after but quite noisy with the rail line very close and several trains passing by.
10 May 2018 – To Forrest Beach on the coast near Ingham, to stay at the RV park for 2 nights. There are no facilities at all and it costs $10 per night, but it is such a lovely location it was worth it. The park has beautiful big trees and lots of birdlife. We watched a small flock of red-tailed black cockatoos flying around and foraging on the ground. We even found a geocache at the beach.

12 May 2018 – To Tully Gorge National Park campground, which had to be booked and paid for online before going out there. The drive out to the park is lovely, and goes through huge banana plantations. The campground was quite busy when we arrived as the white water rafting nationals were on. We found a good sunny spot to park and enjoyed 2 days there. We had very friendly neighbours to chat with on the first night. The next day the camp emptied out and we were on our own apart from a couple of tents.

14 May 2018 – Back through Tully and up the road to Mena Creek where we stayed behind the pub. Self-contained RVs can stay there if you are visiting Paronella Park, Jose Paronella’s Spanish castles he built for his bride from the 1930s onwards. We went to see an old friend who lives nearby and stayed for dinner, then went on the night tour of Paronella Park. It was beautiful seeing the waterfalls lit up. The next day we walked around on our own. The history of the place is fascinating and it is a credit to the current owners that they have managed to preserve so many of the buildings. Unfortunately, every cyclone and flood does more damage and it is difficult for them to keep repairing the structures.

15 May 2018 – We decided to stay at Fishery Falls caravan park for a night. We walked up to the falls, quite a steep walk and probably not worth the effort, but it was good exercise.
16 May 2018 – To Little Mulgrave to stay with our friends on their cane farm at the entrance to Little Mulgrave valley. We used to live nearby along the valley so it is very nostalgic being here. The valley has more houses and we are noticing a big increase in traffic, but it is still a very beautiful place and the trees have grown enormously since we left the valley 17 years ago. We plan to stay here for a couple of weeks while we visit friends and former work colleagues.